About Us

Primate Journeys Africa is 100% Ugandan DMC, founded in November 2013, by two travel enthusiasts and university alumni’s, Joshua Kago Mahande a credited lawyer and peace advocate in Uganda, while Rukundo Samuel is a nomad traveller who started his journey as a Potter in the Ruwenzori mountains (Mountains of the Moon).

Rukundo and Josh felt that the safaris being offered were sometimes too structured and stiff, not giving travellers the flexibility to venture out and explore the wonders of the African wilderness in different ways hence Primate Journeys Africa was born from this dream. The now humble dream has brought together a great team of travel consultants & Safari guides, to teach guests about Africa – Our major destinations being Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) also known as Gorilla Destinations.

OUR MISSION – We pledge to conserve our destinations through travel in relation to providing the best travel services to our guests hence benefiting the local communities.

OUR VISION – To be the undisputed leader in agitating for Primates, Birds and other wildlife for their habitat conservation while involving the local communities as we promote the understanding and appreciation of these interesting creatures in the travel business with a dedication to providing quality adventure.