About Us


Our founder, Rukundo Samuel started his journey as a Potter in the Ruwenzori’s (Mountains of the Moon) with one of the mountaineering company in Fort Portal, he then later joined Nkumba University for a diploma in tourism Operations and Management before becoming a professional safari guide, where he freelanced with various safari companies in Uganda, Rwanda & Tanzania for more exposure and experience in the tour guiding business. However, he felt that the safaris being offered were sometimes too structured and stiff, not giving you the flexibility to venture out and explore the wonders of the African wilderness in different ways. He branched off to start his own Safari Company, a place where a team of travel consultants & guides could be creative and original. Primate Journeys Africa was born from this dream; the now humble dream has brought together a great team of travel consultants & Safari guides together to teach guests about Africa – Our major destinations being Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).